About Me

And here we are, feet up curled underneath the soft cream blanket, cradled by a warm cup of coffee with ‘Hey Foxy’ written on the side in italic blue. Meanwhile a chocolate éclair layered with fresh cream chilling in the fridge in the warm room next to you waiting to be demolished.

My name is Toozday (yes that is my real name). My speciality lies in making a mean macchiato from Tim the coffee machine, I have a list as long as my weedy little arm of books I’d like to read and I love a big booty workout in the gym.

I am currently the fussiest eater on this big blue planet, that i am trying to change! Keep a look out for some delicious recipes that will help all three of you fussy lot too, along with book reviews and workouts to make you look volumptious for all the four seasons!


Love T x